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We have over 20 years of experience in implementing domestic and commercial roofing services. We use modern tools and technologies to provide an extensive range of roofing services including

  • Re-Roofing
  • Roof Ridge Pointing Repair
  • Other Roofing Works

Committed to Providing Quality Service to All Our Customers

Our team of professional roofing specialists are certified and experienced to safely handle all your domestic and commercial roofing needs with cost-effective solutions. We only use the highest-quality materials for your homes and offices so you can get results that last.

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Re-Roofing: Re-roofing is the fastest way to restore your roof as it involves the replacement of the old tiles and/or the entire roof except the main structure. We use a variety of tile materials, including clay and metal.

Other Roofing Works: We provide waterproofing services for your roofs. Homes and offices are prone to leakages without proper waterproofing services. Our team of waterproofing specialists are experienced in leakage diagnostics as well as implementing domestic and commercial waterproofing services for metal, reinforced concrete and tile roofs. The following waterproofing services are available

  1. Acrylic polymer waterproofing coating
  2. Cementitious waterproofing coating
  3. Torch-on membrane

We also provide roof maintenance services like painting and guttering. Maintaining your roof is crucial in preventing unwanted costly repairs in future.

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